What’s Beyond Free Wi-Fi?

Curating Content

A Game-Changer

Starbucks had a vision for a different kind of in-store Wi-Fi experience; one that was a digital reflection of Starbucks renowned third place experience. Tasked with that mission while delivering on customer needs surfaced during primary research, Mass Radius leveraged the brand’s strong heritage in high quality content curation (from music to causes) to develop the Starbucks Digital Network. This digital destination is a new form of competitive differentiation and a place to help customers stay connected, inspired and entertained.

Available only in-store through the Starbucks Wi-Fi network, the Starbucks Digital Network offers customers access to hand-picked, multi-media content from content providers such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Zagat and Apple that is either premium or normally behind a pay wall. With a daily collection of premium content across six channels—News & Sports, Entertainment, Wellness, Business and Careers, My Neighborhood and the personalized Starbucks channel—customers are able to enjoy a perfect complement to their Starbucks® coffee, absolutely free.

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  • The Starbucks Digital Network is the first offering of its kind, and has immediately differentiated Starbucks from the many other retailers offering free Wi-Fi, raising the bar beyond its competitive set.

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